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Bored Yet?

Most of you with ample vacation time are spending an elongated holiday with family and friends. But after the presents are opened and the cheese ball has been consumed you may find yourself wondering, ‘ummm what’s next?’

If it was up to our family, we’d spend all of the time sitting around the table catching up on community happenings and reminiscing on old family stories. However, with the induction of my brother-in-law and now my dear husband we’ve officially become a game family.

Here is a collection of some of our favorites:

Card/Dice games

Board games:

What are the ways your family enjoy their time together? Have you adopted new procedures as the family keeps adding members?


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Boys and cords

What is it about boys and their fascination with cords (not the pants, the wires)? I’m not talking about the cords for the computer and TV. I understand those. They are plugged into something. They have a purpose. What I don’t understand are the extra cords. Lots and lots of extra cords. Where do they come from? And more importantly, why can’t we get rid of them?

I know I don’t have a lot of room to talk. I’m the girl who has every issue of Country Home every published, along with 100s of other magazines stashed in crates, under the coffee table and around the house. But at least the magazines have pretty pictures in them. I’m waiting for the day that drawer of random cords come in handy, but Adam promises me they all have a purpose.

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I must admit, I’m a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree type of girl. When I was young my family would tread through acres of Christmas tree farms looking for the just the right tree. My sister would look for the perfect cylinder shape, my brother would look for the tallest, fattest trees, and as for myself,  I would always choose all the that were deemed unloveable. Crooked,  short, splotchy trees always made my heart melt, even in the dead of winter.  *sigh*

As for my husband, Cody comes from a family that always skipped the over the tree aspect of the holiday. So once we were married I felt like we could start our own holiday tree tradition.  Trying to think out of the box of traditions trees last year we snipped a few branches of a berry tree we had out front of work.  (yes I did ask first)  It was sweet and simple, much like our first Christmas together.

It would be too easy to do the same thing twice. This year I’ve gone a touch more mod. (surprise surprise) One morning I rolled 3 simple ‘trees’ out of wrapping paper (thank you Target), topped the tallest of the 3 with our gold star from last year, and voila our Christmas tree!

I’m sure our holiday traditions will continue developed like our marriage, ever changing but always exciting.

Hope you enjoy. lj

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Jewelry storage

How I store my jewelry has been a point of contention since we’ve been married. And I just keep getting more shiny, pretty things to store (or display). What’s a girl to do?

Adam had a great solution for my jewelry dilemma. For our third anniversary, he gave me a beautiful, leather jewelry box (we give traditional gifts and the theme for the third year is leather. I told you he was good!):
And I love it. Really I do! It sits on our dresser, and holds lots of pretty things. But, despite its many drawers and compartments, it’s not ideal for storing earrings.

My solution is two-fold. The first is an ice-cube tray (perfect for studs!) This is also Adam’s least favorite solution. Admittedly, it used to live on the bathroom counter, and has since been demoted to a drawer. It just works so well. And one of these days I’ll find a vintage metal tray, but for now the blue plastic one works just fine, thank you very much.

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Our First Advent-ure

As newlyweds we are still finding our stride when it comes to our holiday traditions. This year I think we are going to try to celebrate Advent together. I have always loved the concept of Advent, setting aside time to prepare your heart for the true miracle of Christmas. Yet, I’ve always managed to lay my good intentions aside around day three. But this year will be different, right?

If you are looking to join us in celebrating this advent season you can find good reading plans at Life Church.tv.

And for the tutorial of the delightful yet simple advent calendar you see above check out The Red Thread blog.

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I love my husband, and got him a ping pong table for his birthday. This means, that whenever he has a free moment, he asks me to play. Today is his birthday, and we celebrate birthdays like they are a festival, meaning we celebrate for a good 5 days before and 5 days after the actual day. So I am being a good wife and playing lots of ping pong with him. We’ll see how long that lasts after the festival is over!

Getting the table was tricky. I really wanted it to be a surprise, so I talked to one of his friends who has a truck and we were going to get it and store it at his house ’til Adam’s birthday. However, I found the ping pong table in Craigs List and the first one fell through (they ended up selling it to someone else). Luckily, I found another one for around the same price, but I didn’t want to risk losing it again, so I told Adam and we got it a week ago. (more…)

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Futon Delight

I love my husband and with that love comes a futon.

We all have images that horrid black metal futon from our college years twisted, broken frames with lumpy mattresses.  As most people moved out of the dorms they tossed their pile of black tubular furniture by the dumpster, but oh no, not my husband and not this futon.

Cody built his futon in his dad’s wood working shop one summer between semesters, it’s made from solid oak and walnut, the back brace alone is over 2 inches thick, there is no twisting bending or breaking to this sturdy guy. From dorm to dorm it went without a scratch, and in those formative years after college, this futon has traveled with him through 6 different apartments in two states, several job interviews, broken hearts healing, a new love found, and finally a sweet proposal to spend the rest of our years together.

Love in a marriage can be measured in numerous ways. While I’m sure living room furniture is not one of the 5 love languages, it is a way that I can accept where my husband has been, and what is important to him. So when people ask what type of furniture I have I simply tell them that I really love my husband and I have the best looking futon in town.

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