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New Year = New Projects

Starting a new year always puts me in an evaluative mood. I think back on the projects that I’ve concurred over the past year but more importantly I get almost giddy at the possibility of starting a fresh with new projects in 2011.

Here’s what’s on my list:

  • Recovering the drum shade on my not-so-college-dorm floor lamp
  • Sewing a new duvet cover for our bedroom
  • Pillows, pillows, pillows (Anthropologie has had me drooling)
  • Framing wedding pictures
  • Giving our sweet little storage chest a face lift
  • Closet revamp (fingers crossed)
  • Dressing up our functional kitchen peg board
  • Finally finding/finishing artwork to go about the awkward space above the futon
  • Starting our wedding album
  • Finding a place for our grown-up rug
  • Hanging pictures that got taken down during the rearranging of our things.
  • Painting our desk (maybe)

Oh my! I better stop before I explode with excitement. And just think these are just to projects I’m excited to tackle around my house,  let alone the delightful projects I’ve been dreaming up with my friends, like stenciled floors, faux finishing walls, a dining room table that is just meant to be bright yellow! Yep, this will be a very fun year!


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Under the Mistletoe

This is one holiday tradition Cody just can’t get enough of, lucky for me! After hanging a sprig in our kitchen I decided to look into this fun yet odd holiday tradition. If you enjoy this festive activity, I’d skip this scholarly jaunt.  Here are a few of the words the jumped out at me:

Parasitic, Norse mythology, uninhibited sexuality, gastrointestinal problems, poisonous, Celtic Druids… had enough yet?

Take it from me, just enjoy this delightful tradition.

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