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Catalog shopping

Remember when you were a little kid and you loved flipping through the big Sears or JCPenney catalogs, flagging pages with what you wanted for Christmas? Now I do the same thing when furniture and decorating catalogs come in the mail.

Most recently, the Home Decorators catalog came. If you haven’t seen the catalog or visited their website, it’s worth checking out. I don’t think I’ve ordered anything from them, but the was a coupon for $10 of a $50 order. Tempting…

I’m not in the market for anything new at the moment, but here are some things that caught my eye:

Becca Nailhead Chair

How lovely would this chair be in a bedroom, in front of a vanity? Or at a desk? I think I need at least one piece of furniture with nailhead accents in the house.

Samantha Side Chair

This chair isn’t even my style at all, but I love it!

Sabrina decorative wall mirror

I can’t decide if I’d like this mirror on our mantel (it also comes in white).

Margot Pendant

Love this! A new dining room light fixture is on the list of future projects and this one is a nice blend of traditional and contemporary.

I better stop. I could find something new for every room of the house if I wanted! What are your favorite online home decorating sources?

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A little over a week ago I posted that I had won a $20 shopping spree at CSNStores.com. I begged and pleaded with you to save me from my indecisive nature and vote for which lovely item ended up in our home.

It has been a funny week as I’ve asked those around me, “did you vote?” Honestly most people gave me an “ahhhhhh, I was going to do that.” But the best response of course came from my husband. When I asked him what he voted for he said “Oh the Leaf Table Runner of course, it’s vinyl so I don’t have to worry about spilling on it.”  See, you just gotta love him.

Now dear friends it is time for the winner that you chose.

(with this much anticipation I could host American Idol or at least Saginaw Idol)

The Fiesta Hostess Serving Bowl

Now all I have to do is wait for it to show up on my door step so I can fill it with all sorts of wonderful winter candy fruit. Thanks for voting!

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Image Courtesy of Purl Bee

As Andrea and I discussed doing a gift guide for those newly married we kept coming across so many great guides featuring perfect present for in laws, husbands and of course ourselves. The emails flew back and forth, ‘did you see this’, ‘oh my this is so pretty’… so let us point the way to you to some of the best gift guides out there.

For us wives: Design Sponge, under $25

For our husbands:  My Life Scope

For the Inlaws: The Nest

For the Techie: Think Geek

For the new homeowner to the sports aficionado:  Our Poverty with a View

For the traveler: ReadyMade

For the kiddos: Cup of Jo

For Handmade gifts: Fresh Home or Etsy

For everyone else on your list: Real Simple

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Oh help…..

On Thanksgiving Brittney from Our Poverty with a View emailed to let me know I won their contest!!!! I get $20 toward ANYTHING I want at CSN Stores!

After over a week searching and sorting through all of the amazing options they have I’ve decided I just can’t make this choice alone. So I thought what better fun than spending someone else’s money!

I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my favorite things and I thought I’d let you decide what makes it to my doorstep!

Alright our finalist are:


The Fiesta Hostess Serving Bowl in Peacock Blue or Sunflower Yellow

The Banana Leaf Table Runner

Those of you that are picking up on my theme.. yes the Thanksgiving Table ideas might have inspired my searching.

Under Cabinet Wine Storage

Sateen Sheets- I know oh so pratical but oh so wonderful.


Now you know the options so cast your votes below!  Since we are not claiming to be a democracy here at EverAfter Blueprint you can vote as much as you want.  If you think I’ve over looked some great treasure on CSN.com by all means TELL ME!  I’d love to see some of the treasures you can find on this wonderfully endless cyber shop.




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Here are some of my favorite non-traditional Christmas trees.

Cardboard Cut Out: Featured in this year’s West Elm catalog. I love the whimsical nature of this dandy and the fact that at the end of the season you can just toss it in the recycle bin! Ya Hoo!

Painter’s Tape Portrait: I’m having trouble finding the true creator of this tree but rumor has it, this was from West Elm’s catalog last year. So simple, so fun. Or the try the lighted version that was featured in the now defunct Domino

Pretty Found Objects: One year I’d love to recreated this beautiful work of art done by Jane from All the Luck in the World.

All Strung Up: This is one of my faves featured on Apartment Therapy. This was a major contender for our ‘tree’ this year but I couldn’t bring my self to do this to our old plaster walls. Maybe next year…


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